NanoSeptic Surfaces for Education

nanotouch-student-desk-snack-matNanoTouch™ products don't just provide your school touchpoints and other surfaces that constantly kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. Because they can be customized to your environment and curriculum, they become a part of the education experience and positively affect parental perception. Parents will know your school is taking extra steps to protect the well being of their child.

Standard NanoTouch™ products include door push pads and handle wraps for public area doorways and snack/desk mats for the classroom.

choose-my-plate-antimicrobial-snack-desk-mat-mediumAn example of this is our new desk/snack mat with the latest nutrition guidelines on the front and your choice of additional nutrition details or food handling safety tips on the back. And these mats come in different sizes and storage containers to fit your classroom needs.

If there are applications not listed here that you'd like to see, please contact us. In addition to custom branding, our product development team will work with you to create the right size and message for your custom application. contact us