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Recent News and Releases

09-09-2014 Emergency Shipment of NanoSeptic Surfaces During MERS Outbreak - Virginia Business reported on 3,500 surfaces for door handles and and other high traffic touch points shipped to the King Abdulaziz University Hospital in
Saudi Arabia. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is a viral respiratory illness. One of the newer NanoSeptic products sent to the hospital is a peel-and-stick skin for over-the-bed tray tables.

05-05-2014 Research Centers Worldwide Validate NanoSeptic Surfaces in Infection Control Today - Infection Control Today reported on forward-thinking research centers around the world that have been conducting tests on the latest disruptive technology which provides a new tool in the fight for cleaner, healthier environments for living, working and traveling.

01-09-2014 Self-Cleaning Surfaces for Schools in European Cleaning Journal - European Cleaning Journal reported on NanoSeptic surfaces as a way to inform the cleaning and facility management industry about this new cleaning technology.

12-01-2013 NanoSeptic Products make Top 100 list in District Administration Magazine - District Administration Magazine presented their Top 100 Products for Education award to NanoTouch based on overwhelming feedback from school superintendents and administrators for NanoSeptic products' positive impact on the education environment.

07-17-2013 NanoSeptic surfaces show promise battling MERS outbreak - Independent lab tests, performed at the request of SafeLife, verified the effectiveness of NanoSeptic surfaces against the Coronavirus, a strain of which is causing the outbreak of MERS-CoV – Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus. Similar to SARS, this virus has a mortality rate of more than 50% and has now spread to other countries including the UK and France.

04-17-2013 NanoSeptic surfaces help create self-cleaning schools - With schools across the country fighting to control the spread of illness school administrators and environmental services managers are adopting self-cleaning NanoSeptic® surfaces in and out of the classroom.

01-11-2013 NanoTouch Products in the Craddock Terry Hotel - Hotel makes big impact with guests by providing NanoTouch self-cleaning travel mats on the bathroom vanity in each room.

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